Practice Areas

Practice Areas

A Beckley, WV lawyer, G. Todd Houck has extensive experience in the following areas of practice:

Criminal Law

As a former prosecuting attorney, G. Todd Houck understands the need for passionate and zealous representation for those who find themselves charged with a crime by the state. Navigation through the legal system is difficult without a seasoned advocate representing you. Contact Beckley, WV lawyer G. Todd Houck today to learn how your criminal defense will benefit from his extensive litigation experience.

Family Law

The field of family law involves the most emotional of cases like divorce and child custody issues. At times like these, you need a dispassionate and tenacious advocate willing to protect your rights and work to secure the outcomes you deserve. If you find yourself in the middle of a family law case, contact attorney G. Todd Houck to ensure you are represented by the West Virginia lawyer who will fight for a fair and equitable outcome on your behalf.

Real Estate Law

Attorney G. Todd Houck is a seasoned lawyer in the field of real estate law. While the state of West Virginia does not legally require you to hire of an attorney for land and property sales transactions, the many legal issues within the process make seeking legal representation a wise decision. Beckley lawyer G. Todd Houck works to protect your property investment by ensuring all issues regarding title and any potential liabilities have been addressed. Contact attorney G. Todd Houck today for assistance with your Beckley, WV real estate matters.

Civil Law

Some disputes cannot be resolved through reasoned discourse and mediation. When bringing the courts into your dispute resolution process, make certain you hire a highly competent and experienced attorney. Attorney G. Todd Houck brings his many years of litigation experience to representing clients in civil matters. Contact attorney G. Todd Houck to learn how he can assist you with civil law matters.